How can I Stop Accumulating More Debt?

Live within your means. If you can’t afford to pay cash, you can’t afford to have it. Pay off highest interest debts first.


Usually, when you have less free time, you spend less money on nights out or shopping. When you are in debt, do not go out for shopping or for entertainment until you are managing your financial life the good way.


Find something beneficial to do with your rather than going to the mall.


This way, you’re reducing your debt, and most importantly, not adding more to your debt. If you cannot keep up, you may enter a debt consolidation program.


If you’re a real shopaholic, go to the thrift stores. They are often charity run and often don’t take credit cards, so you have to pay cash. Keep you living within your means and you can find great stuff there. Go to the well-heeled neighborhoods early for the best stuff. You can get great items if you keep your eyes open. Would you rather have a big credit card bill you can’t pay or a few scuffs on furniture or appliances that has lots of life left?

It’s a real high to find the things you need and still stay out of debt.

Be honest with yourself, this way you are on the road to freedom.

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