How can I Get Rid of Debt Stress?

Look at all your statements. Cut up and cancel all the cards and accounts, except the one with the highest remaining credit available.


You should keep one account open for emergencies.

To get rid of the debt stress, you will have to give up many things you consider needs. Believe it you can live without new clothes for awhile, without buying the latest smart phone, the DSTV, the higher bandwidth internet connection, and much more, believe it or not.


You have to face the responsibility and the consequences.

Luxury items and things you want will be more valuable to you, when you really can afford them with cash up front, or using credit in a wise way.


If you are an employee, be willing to work overtime, get a part-time home job or something similar, there is plenty of websites that offer home job opportunities.



Geting a better income will help you to get out of debt. When you are free, take an hour just to think and think, try to have new fresh idea that might help you in improving your income and/or reducing your expenses.


For more debt related articles or mortgage advice, go to

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