What is the Key for Getting out of Debt?

Always make a monthly budget for yourself, if possible do it weekly or even daily; being financially organized is the key to success.

You must include details in your budget. Add foods, bills, entertainment, transportation, shopping, miscellaneous and other and this way you will see how much you really need to spend and which is higher in priority… If you can make changes to your way of life and save some money, do so. Use that money to pay back debts and in the meantime you should stop adding to your borrowing by surviving only on cash or debit cards.

Are you a student? An employee? Bring everything with you to school/university or to work. Have your lunch, snacks and even your drink. It is better then buying from machine.

You will save even with small amount but you are SAVING.

Instead of saying that something only costs R8 for example, say if I don’t buy it that is R8 that I can put away for a rainy day or put toward debt.


Look at your monthly income based on the net amount. Deduct taxes, medical, UIF etc… and you will have the net income.If you are in debt, it is a given that you are spending more money than you make. You are in the red. There is no way to play games about it.



Live within your means. If you can’t afford to pay cash, you can’t afford to have it.


For more information on Debt Consolidation and Mortgages, go to www.globalproperty.co.za

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