Bad Credit Cards For Better Consolidation

Unsecured methods of debt consolidation are among some of the most available debt consolidation options out there because they do not require you to secure the debt against anything.This is in contrast to secured loans such as mortgages which require you to put something up as collateral or security.  However, unsecured loans have a major qualification in the form of a good credit rating.




You got to have a healthy credit score before you can even consider getting a credit card with a decent interest rate. If your credit score is bad enough that you cannot get a good credit card anymore, there is a fix available for your situation. The solution comes, as ironic as it might sound, as a bad credit card.




Why Bad Credit Cards?




Now, do not take the term the wrong way. Bad credit cards are not bad per se or detrimental to your credit score. In fact, they could be just the opposite when used correctly. Bad credit cards are just called that way because they are specifically targeted for people who have bad credit histories or a bad credit rating. As you might expect, they do not require much besides an application form.




You can easily acquire a bad credit card and many banks and financial institutions offer them. The only drawback with bad credit cards is that they have a higher APR than the usual credit cards. That means you will have to make prompt and regular payments for your credit cards. But besides saving yourself from the interest, there is another important reason for you to make prompt payments, as you will see later on in this article.




Being Bad to Be Good




Because they have few requirements, bad credit cards are the easiest (and perhaps the only) available option for you. And getting one could hold the key to a better credit score.




Get yourself a bad credit card and then do some light spending on it. Pay a couple of utility bills, buy yourself an inexpensive outfit, just do anything to use up a little of the credit extended to you. Then when the bills come, pay them as quickly as possible; don not let the deadline dawn without your having paid your dues. Repeat this process every month. What this does is it establishes you as a debtor who pays promptly. Your credit card company will notice the pattern and, pretty soon, so will other creditors.




By using up just a little of your credit line, you make sure that the costs are still easily payable at the end of every month and that you do not get hurt by the higher-than-average APR. Using this technique would not improve your credit score overnight, that is for sure. You would not get any noticeable effects for about six months and it could take about a year for the paying pattern to nurse your credit rating back to health.




If your loan- or debt-related needs are not immediate or very urgent, taking this course of action is well worth the effort for its benefits on your credit score. That same credit score will be key in getting better terms on your next credit card or, indeed, just about any other method of debt consolidation available.




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