Home Loans For People With Bad Credit

Home loans for people with bad credit is very difficult to get when a poor credit history exists.

A lot of South Africans end up with bad debt due to circumstances out of their control. There is very little you can do if you lose your job and cannot afford to pay off your debt.

However, most people take out too many loans and credit card debt and when interest rates go up they struggle to keep up with debt payments which ultimately results in a bad credit rating.

Bad credit home loans are designed for people with a bad credit record. Bad credit home loans can be used to refinance your current home loan or to consolidate debt.

Click Here – Home Loans For People With Bad Credit History

People apply for bad credit home loans everyday throughout South Africa. An increasing number of lenders are prepared to adjust their risk portfolios in order to try and help individuals who does not have a great credit record.


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* information correct as per time of posting

10 Responses to Home Loans For People With Bad Credit

  1. Phillip says:

    Need home loan thanks

  2. Andri says:

    Hi I dont have good credit but we are curently renting a house for R6500 for Mafikeng that is the cheap for a 3 bedroom house
    We can Buy a house for the same montly installment if some one can assist us we will be happy there is n house open in rooigrong for R600 000 that we have our eye on

    Hope to here from you soon

    • GPF says:

      Hi Andri

      You would need to have paid up the debts and have the proof before you can apply for a home loan.

      It will depend on your credit score and payment profile

  3. Marika says:

    Want to kow is we will be able to get a homeloan or rent to buy option.

  4. melikhaya says:

    I’m looking for home renovation loan and I will give my house as assurence that I will pay my debt as arrenged. Plz rply by phone @ 072729570

  5. branko says:

    We need help in buying a house for the first time but has been rejected by all banks we have been renting for 11years and was never late or short on rent please if you can help us or assist with advise we really want to buy this property for R620000 in kemptonpark jhb (http://www.property24.com/for-sale/kempton-park-west/kempton-park/gauteng/1342/101496503#MyNotesTab). Firoza and branko harck

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