Business Finance for Women

December 9, 2007

Statistics indicate that female entrepreneurs are fast becoming significant contributors to the South African economy as business owners and job creators. Our lender have established a Women’s Fund that assists women entrepreneurs to own and grow their own small and medium businesses.

Advantages on offer for women

This fund is managed by a specialist team of women who understand finance, as well as the personal challenges which women experience daily.

Women who propose sustainable business ideas or want to expand their existing enterprises on an independent level can apply. Each woman is considered on her individual vision and strength and can expect favorable criteria such as limited own contribution, flexible interest rates, as well as individually negotiated repayment terms.

Business plan

This fund will facilitate the process of producing a business plan to be submitted as part of an application and will offer valuable advice where needed.

Investment criteria

Applications for investment financing through this fund are assessed primarily on business viability and risk, as well as on the vision, integrity, drive, skills and experience of the entrepreneur.

Should a business be considered to be viable, a customized investment structure and added-value solution is developed, Investment finance applications are considered from women who show full commitment by way of their personal contribution towards the business venture. Each application is structured on an individual deal by deal basis with the principle criterion being a fair deal for both parties.

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